Laughing gas

Visiting your local dentist at SmilePoint may not be an anxious affair. Dental anxiety is very common so much so that people are afraid of seeing the dentist.

Our dentists are experienced in treating anxious patients, we have established a reputation for providing gentle care – particularly with children.

Happy gas or laughing gas

Nitrous Oxide – most commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas is a safe and popular way of alleviating anxiety. It is an odourless gas and is administered through a small mask over the nose. Some people You will be fully awake and able to interact with your dentist. You will feel relaxed within 5 minutes.

Is it safe?

Laughing gas is safe, easy to administer and does not linger in your the body. After your procedure you can drive home after a short recovery time. Your dentist can adjust the sedation levels quickly to make your visit comfortable and painless.

For more information – please visit The Royal Children’s Hospital fact sheet on Nitrous Oxide.

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